—  En svensk mångsidig konstnär som levde på 1900-talet  —

H U G O   R U N E W A L L

Hugo Runewall always bring his sketchblock.


Hugo Alexander Albanus was born on the 2nd of June 1894 in the district of Långholmen in Stockholm.
Hugo was the fourth child of the engineer Carl Evald Anderson and Amanda Sofia Lundqvist. He had two elder brothers and two sisters.


When Hugo was born his family lived in Långholmsvarvet on Långholmen island in Stockholm.

When he was three years old they moved across Pålsundet to Heleneborg on Södermalm. The family stayed there two years.


At the age of five Hugo’s family moved again, this time to Gävle, where he spent most of his childhood.
 In 1905 the family move back to Stockholm region. First to Villa Vera in Sundbyberg, after that to Mälarhöjden.


Hugo became interested in art early. In his youth he often used to carry a sketchblock with him, where he drew many sketches and pencil drawings.



After having completed his military service in 1914, it wasn’t long before Hugo began study art at Konstfack in Stockholm.


In the beginning of the twenties Hugo decided to change his surname to the family name Runevall, which was approved by His Royal Majesty on the 21 of November 1921.

The same year 1921 Hugo received economic means from His Royal Majesty’s and the Swedish Board of Commerce to study graphic art in Germany.


Within graphic art Hugo Runevall later became well known for his woodcuts, which he made in highest quality. His copperplates held a high quality as well.


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Hugo with his father Carl Evald Andersson.

Hugo (to the left) with one of his army mates.